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 1. Exclusive Collaboration: Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre

Medilab has been the laboratory of choice for the provision of all laboratory services to the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre since 1997.
Efficiency and speed for sample registration is facilitated by the use of OCR forms, minimizing transcription errors and increasing efficiency for multiple patient/sample registration.
The Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre is considered by the medical community as a Centre of excellence, providing high standard of treatment, employing top medical specialists managing the various departments. The Centre carries out numerous clinical trials with Medilab providing the necessary tests. Consequently, Medilab’s commitment to Quality and Scope of Accreditation in all disciplines is required to be extensive to comply with the requirements of the clinical trials.
To meet with the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre’s high standards and service requirements in order to cope with continuous inflow of patients and daily care medical provision, Medilab provides its own courier service, well organized logistics policy regarding safe sample transportation and storage, in house emergency laboratory service, HL7 interface protocol, remote access facilities, OCR order form, state of the art laboratory instrumentation, a wide range of test panels, backed by a 24hrs on call service to meet the Centres increasing needs.

2. Other Collaborations
Due to our extensive Scope of Accreditation, state of the art technology and well trained personnel, we provide our services to a wide range of medical professionals, as well as medical organizations.
The fact that we have additional services such as self-owned courier service, on call service (24hrs) and a modern LIS that can effectively edit and send data through fax or email, allow us to collaborate with companies and corporations within Cyprus and abroad.


 3. Insurance Companies & Medical Funds
There is a cooperation agreement between Medilab and all the insurance companies, local and international as well as the various Medical Funds such as private or semi- government origin, for the provision of laboratory services to insured individuals.
Medical funds include SEK (Cyprus Workers Confederation) and ETYK (Bank Employee’s Association Medical Fund) and Medical Funds of the semi-government corporations and organizations such as CYTA (Cyprus Telecommunications Authority), EAC (Electricity Authority of Cyprus), COOP, etc

4. External Consultants
As the increasing specialization of Medical Fields and Medicines, new advancements in prevalence and therapy knowledge sharing by advisory boards and working groups is becoming necessary, we collaborate with external Professional Consultants in the fields of:

  •  Clinical Microbiology
  •  Molecular Biology
  •  Haematology
  •  Pathology & Infection
  •  Clinical Genetics, IEM
  •  Pediatric Neurologist Specialized in Metabolic Diseases
  •  Thalassaemia (Thalassaemia International Federation http://www.thalassaemia.org.cy/)

Additionally, as a well structured company we take prestige to have on the board of directors top professionals:

  •  Administration Assistance
  •  Accounts & Finance
  •  International Affairs Consultancy
  •  Health & Hospital Management
  •  Legal Consultancy
  •  European Policy Specialists


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