C/T-13910 polymorphism
Diagnosis with just 1 single test !
Genetic testing for the best-known genes
linked to breast cancer risk.
Includes over 50 tests
+ haemoglobinopathies

Medilab`s vision is to remain at the forefront of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostic Services and leading player in the Cyprus laboratory market. Medilab also intends to seize the new opportunities arising in the regional and peripheral markets, by using its wide recognition and acceptance as the top quality laboratory by the most prestigious Medical and Laboratory Centres.

Yearly expansion of  Medilab`s Scope of Accreditation, continuous training of our personnel, and strategic collaborations with key players in Cyprus Health Market as well as within the Region, allows us to envision a steady growth within the next years, giving our patients the most advanced services under the highest Quality.

Service Differentiation

Medilab’s dynamic workflow, timely and continuous improvement in its services, efficient management and continuous innovation represent the flagship of the company.

Having invested in cutting edge technology, Medilab designed a dynamic workflow that marked the turnaround of quality results a lot faster, thus giving the company an advantage over the competition while satisfying the expectations of the medical specialists.

Quality control has always been at the Centre of Medilab’s philosophy and its worth emphasizing that Medilab ranks amongst the most ISO 15189 Accredited Laboratories in Europe in all laboratory fields.

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