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 Directory of Services:

1. Parking facilities
2. Appointments & Patient preparation
3. Supplies
4. Foreign workforce & Student Testing
5. Food handlers` certificate
6. Business traveler screen

1. Parking facilities
Free spacious parking facilities of 600 m2 are provided at Medilab’s own parking area adjoined to Medilab premises, corner of Nikodemou Mylona & Ioannis Clerides, accommodating more than 30 visitors’ cars. 

2. Appointments & patient instructions
Comfortable patient waiting area (free secure wi-fi connection)
Patients with request forms or referral letters are requested to present them to the reception. Instructions can be faxed or telephoned in advance, if this is more convenient.

No appointments are necessary unless a patient needs specialized investigation requiring particular care and patient preparation.

Sample collection is undertaken by qualified and experienced staff at no fee.

For any relevant patient instructions or enquiries contact the Lab Supervisor directly at 22 750264 or the reception at 22 751333/2, Fax: 22 751334. Alternatively, you can use our online contact form.

3. Supplies
Medilab supplies all consumables needed for specimen collection at no charge, including OCR test request forms custom printed. We are pleased to deliver them either post or through Medilab courier service on the day of ordering.
Our courier service is always available to respond to your supplies requests.
For courier requests contact Medilab Reception directly at 22 751333/2 or reach us through our online contact form.

4. Foreign workforce & Student testing
All foreign workers or students are required by law to undergo a panel of tests, once they enter the country, in order to assure allocation of a work or study permit.
Medilab is licensed to provide the mandatory tests as set by the Cyprus law for issuing the work or study permits to foreign workers and students.
Medilab has a long experience in the provision of these tests and has set up facilities to accommodate late or weekend arrivals as well as same day reporting of results.

5. Food handlers’ certificates
People employed as food handlers, foreigners or locals, are required by the Cyprus law to undergo an annual stool test that includes test for parasites and salmonella. Medilab is authorized to provide these tests that are also ISO 15189 Accredited.
Food handlers are considered those involved in the hospitality industry i.e. restaurants, hotels, bars, industrial food packing, or employed in cooking, serving, preparation of food or cleaning.
Medilab provides free supply of self contained sample stool kits and instructions.

6. Business Traveler Screening
A full range of services are available, including Hepatitis Profile, HIV, Pre-Travel Thrombosis Check up and other pre travel requirements. Gastro-intestinal investigations and Malaria testing are provided for returning travellers with possible infection, especially from ME or Far East countries.


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