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Quality Policy Statement

Quality Policy Statement describes the intent of Synlab Cyprus Ltd quality management system and sets the grounds for quality objectives, see Quality Objectives, QO.

The purpose of the organisation is its commitment in serving the Medical Science and is based on the following stepping stones:
•    Providing our customer a broad spectrum of specialized and routine investigations.
•    Knowing our customer and their needs aiming to enhance customer satisfaction.
•    Service working to good professional practice to ensure the quality of testing.
•    Confidence: all staff is strongly engaged to respect and maintain confidential all information concerning the customer’s results or personal data and not to disclose or permit the disclosure of any such information and data.
•    Independence: management and personnel freedom from any undue commercial, financial and other pressures and influences that may adversely affect the quality of our work.
•    Competence: possession of the required skills and knowledge to perform the work.
•    Meeting the applicable regulatory requirements.
•    Improvement: effort to continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.
•    Compliance with the International Standard ISO 15189:2012.

The Quality Policy Statement is displayed in the Laboratory premises, communicated and understood within the organization as part of the induction process and is subject to review, in order to be aligned with the operations of the Laboratory.

Edition:4 - Date: 05/02/2018

Ref: Quality Policy Statement, QPS-4

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