C/T-13910 polymorphism
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Genetic testing for the best-known genes
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Includes over 50 tests
+ haemoglobinopathies

Medilab, the leading independent provider of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostic Services in Cyprus, was established in 1980 by Mr. C. Pavlides and has grown since steadily over the years to become the largest laboratory services by providing an extensive range of high quality routine and specialised laboratory referral investigations to meet all the needs of the medical specialists.

Medilab has been the laboratory of choice for the medical community in Cyprus and the pioneer in the application of the most advanced technologies and methodologies, including Newborn Screening Programme and Nifty Test.

Medilab, is considered today amongst the most Accredited Laboratories in Europe, having been accredited by the European and International Accreditation Certificate ISO15189 in over 170 tests, covering all major disciplines, including that of Clinical Microbiology.

Medilab’s reputation was built on Quality and Modern Technology, coupled by its timely and continuous improvement in its services, fast turnaround of results, most within 2 hrs, low cost, efficient management and continuous innovation.

Medilab is considered as the most state of the art technologically and electronically advanced Laboratory in Cyprus including modular platform automation, capable of performing up to 8000/tests per day. Efficiency backed by the use of modern LIS, along with newest electronic equipment in fields such as OCR technology for automatic test ordering and patient information registration, transmitting results by various ways including HL7 protocol for transferring data between Hospitals & Medical Centres.

Medilab operates from its owner-occupied and luxurious 600m2 premises in a modern Laboratory setting situated in the Lycavittos area in Nicosia. Our in-house team is composed of 22 well trained professionals, operating its own courier service, home phlebotomy service and an exclusive 24 hour on call service.

Medilab’s popular Referral Services provides a comprehensive specialty diagnostic service to over 130 Laboratories, Private Hospitals, Medical Centres and Government Hospitals.


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