C/T-13910 polymorphism
Diagnosis with just 1 single test !
Genetic testing for the best-known genes
linked to breast cancer risk.
Includes over 50 tests
+ haemoglobinopathies

Abnormal Results

Medilab provides Delta Check Alarm to alert the operator for greater than 20% divergence between two consecutive patient lab test results. Special procedures are followed in such cases to verify the sample and/or the result and consequently alert the treating doctor.
Our modern LIS System equipped with Critical Results Alert system, vital to patients life, whereby the treating doctor is immediately notified for the presence of critical lab test results in a patient’s analyses. 
In both alerts, the responsible medical personnel is notified by phone, followed by a written report delivered either by fax or e-mail.

Test Ordering

Medilab will accept test order requisitions in any format including OCR. Such requisitions must include client information, complete patient demographics, test orders, and billing information as required for accurate accessioning and billing. 
Medical practitioners have the option to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) forms, with a listing of app. 500 tests, for test selection. Using OCR forms, test orders, sender’s details, and patient’s demographics, can automatically be imported and registered on the LIS thus minimizing transcription errors and increase efficiency.
OCR forms can be customized according to our clients needs.

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