Newborn Sample Preservation and Transport

Storing the Samples:

• Blood samples are placed on the Guthrie Cards, dried for 2-3 hours at room temperature (up to 27°C).

• Once dried, place each card separately in the specific envelope supplied.

• Samples can be preserved up to 15 days from collection if refrigerated or kept at

Shipping Samples to Medilab:

• Transport Within Nicosia
Medilab operates within Nicosia its own dedicated courier service to ensure a rapid and reliable pickup and transport of Guthrie Cards from client sites to our laboratories and subsequently to return the completed reports and/or supplies.
• Out of Town Transport
Guthrie Cards from any town, except for Nicosia, are sent in a prepaid envelope via taxi service between towns , indicating Medilab address details. The envelopes of the Guthrie Cards can be delivered to the nearest courier office.

International Transport
All Guthrie Cards are collected in a large envelope and sent to Medilab via an international courier service, using our international account number.

To arrange a courier sample collection, please call Medilab Reception at 22 751333/2 , email to info@medilabonline.com or use our online contact form

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